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Artificial intelligence and machine learning 101 (Chicago, Jan 2018)

by Christopher Bishop on February 1, 2018 in Original

I was invited to be the Chairperson and give a speech at the “Artificial intelligence and machine learning 101” event at the Standard Club in Chicago. I got to meet several thought leaders in the AI space including Kristian Hammond, Chief Scientist at Narrative Science and Al Naqvi, CEO of the American Institute of Artificial Intelligence. You can view my presentation charts on SlideShare.

The tool that Narrative Science has created is called Quill and it has the ability to take spreadsheets and turn them into text. Kris showed an example of a large spreadsheet that contained information about water conditions in the city of Chicago. He said there were probably about 5 people who could understand it. His tool analyzes the data and creates text – in this case that says “Oak Park Beach is currently the cleanest in the city.” The meta message is that he wants to take data that is valuable to only a select few and make so anyone can undrstand it.

Al Naqvi is offering vertical and discipline-specific AI courseware and is already partnering with MIT and Harvard to make his offers more widely available. While he was at the event, he got a call from a professor at Cambridge asking to get involved. Other speakers included Chris Duffey from Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Enterprise team talking about how they are weaving AI into the base code of all their products. Bethany Harrington, AVP Integrated Digital Experience at American Family Insurance, shared insight into how her team at Sears Holdings built the first machine learning personalization ecosystem that grew from $500K per year to over $1.4 billion in sales. Cesar Koirala, a computational linguist and Director of Data Science at Liberty Mutual described his current work using machine learning services to improve people analytics.

The event company – Insight Exchange Network – is running various AI-related events over the course of 2018. You can see their schedule here.

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