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David Houle

Futurist Speaker Thinker


As a futurist, David Houle has always had keen insights into how new and future technologies will affect and change society and business. His high degree of accuracy in his forecasts led him to become known as “the CEO’s Futurist” having spoken to or advised more than 3,500 CEOs and business owners during the last 10 years.


He started writing about Artificial Intelligence in his fourth book “Entering the Shift Age” in 2012 and has spoken to audiences all over the world about the topic since then. In his 6th book “Brand Shift: The Future of Brands and Marketing- named as one of the top five marketing books published in the world in 2014- he wrote about how ai, Big Data, the IoT and the Neurosphere would dramatically change all aspects of Marketing.


David is delighted to combine his view of the future with Chris Bishop’s business grounding in ai to present a full past, present and future look at ai and Machine Learning. These emerging technologies will change society, business, work and economics more than almost anything else in the next 20 years. This is why David is so excited to team up with Chris to help audiences better understand how profound the changes will be. It is essential to understand, anticipate and even to start to plan for one of the most incredible technological disruptions in history.


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David Houle’s full bio is here: davidhoule.com/bio




Christopher Bishop

reinvention consultant, futurist


Christopher Bishop is passionate about the power of emerging technologies to deliver positive transformation at the intersection of business and culture. He is especially excited about the potential of artificial intelligence to provide solutions to problems once considered the realm of science fiction.


Chris first became interested in ai during a fifteen-year stint at IBM, having joined the company just as their seminal computer Deep Blue beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov. At the end of his tenure, Chris worked with a team at the IBM Foundation to contemplate the use of IBM Watson in social and civic settings. It became clear that ai is poised to become an enabling layer that will improve every business, regardless of vertical or geographic location.


Chris is excited to partner with renowned futurist David Houle to share a unique perspective combining historical background, near term business impact and longer term global socio-cultural implications. Chris and David’s collaboration is designed to help executives leverage this exciting new technology to drive innovative and profitable business models.


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For more background, check out Chris’ profile on LinkedIn and his website improvisingcareers.com


We are delighted that you realize the power of ai, Machine Learning, the IoT, Big Data and intelligent environments to drive the future of business. Let us help you better understand how ai is affecting the world overall and your stakeholders specifically. Please book us now and stay ahead of the curve.



As recently as just a few years ago, ai was considered to be at the fringe of culture and business. Not anymore. Today this topic is front and center. You run the risk of doing a disservice to your stakeholders if you wait to learn more about ai. Please consider contacting us so we can help you better understand this new technology and learn how your organization can take advantage of it.

What We Do


We speak to general and business audiences about the technology currently referred to as Artificial Intelligence.

The historical context, current state and future implications of ai, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Big Data and their exponential growth – these are the technologies we discuss. Together, they will drive the single greatest change in human behavior and it will happen faster and have greater impact than any advancement in history.


Currently much of the reporting, discussion and commentary on ai is either superficial or overly technical. Fear of the coming of “robotic overlords” or the “end of humanity” on the one hand and some vision of a leisure-filled nirvana is to be dismissed. There are technical geniuses, those deep into the technologies, that speak to each other in ways hard to fathom for those not in the field.


What we do is present this topic for business people. How we got here, what things are going on today, what the immediate future will look like and the incredible possibilities further down the road. Business owners, C-level executives, students and anyone interested in the future of the workplace and careers absolutely must now begin to understand how artificial intelligence will impact what lies ahead. Preparation and understanding will be critical to successfully navigating the transformative, disruptive times ahead.

Please book “the ai guys” now for a high level, entertaining and understandable look into the single most transformative technology of the next 20 years.


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